Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Listen to the Bigot

  • Jarrin Jackson asserts that “the Constitution was not written to mean non-Christian religions when it protects ‘freedom of religion'” and fumes over Christians who “equivocate and ‘tolerate’ other faith systems out of ignorance and/or cowardice.”
  • Kent Christmas used his Sunday service to announce that Dog the Bounty Hunter “has become a son in the Lord to me.”
  • Shane Vaughn says there is no need for Tucker Carlson to worry that former President Donald Trump might be assassinated because Trump is being protected by “the Super Secret Service: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, every one of the angels that have been assigned to protect God’s man.”
  • Liberty Counsel declares that “the Jezebel spirit is alive and well in America”: “The altars are different now than in Jezebel’s day. Sacrifices once held in public now take place behind the closed doors of abortion clinics. Then, as now, the government protects the altars where the killing takes place. Soldiers who once guarded Baal’s and Molech’s priestesses have been replaced with law enforcement officers standing guard to ensure the endless line of children being led to the slaughter continues uninterrupted.”
  • Finally, Ali Alexander says that when it comes to the issue of “Jewish power,” “we absolutely need to listen to the bigot” because what those antisemites say is “undeniably true.”