Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Leftists Hate Babies

  • E.W. Jackson declares that “leftists hate babies because they really hate people. People are mere pawns in their power game, subjects to be controlled, not citizens to be served. They hate America and hate Americans.”
  • Alex Jones theorizes that the scandal surrounding Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s yearbook ad featuring two men in racist costumes was meant to cover up Northam’s remarks about abortion last week week.
  • Wayne Allyn Root guarantees that Democrats are being paid hundreds of millions of dollars by drug cartels to oppose President Trump’s proposed border wall.
  • “Activist Mommy” Elizabeth Johnston, the Benham brothers, and other anti-choice activists will be gathering in New York later this month for a national “Day of Mourning.”
  • Turning Point USA is a conservative group that seeks to appeal to college-aged students across the United States, but its Facebook ads are performing terribly with young people.
  • Finally, Liz Crokin warns that those who support reproductive rights are “trying to turn us, unwillingly, into cannibals.”