Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Kidnapper Protects Her Daughter From Kidnapping

  • Wayne Allyn Root says that leaks about the Trump administration are “the greatest threat to national security in our history” and that “any government employees caught and convicted of leaking must be charged with treason and punished with life terms — or the death penalty.”
  • The Benham brothers “continue to be appalled by the never-ending, forced sexual agenda on the innocent minds of young children … [T]here’s a clear and calculated agenda attached to the LGBTQ+ revolution – and it’s steeped in lies and deceit as it targets the most innocent among us.”
  • David Barton says that God “has put blinders, if you will, or he is kind of darkened the understanding of Jews. They really don’t see Jesus as Messiah and he did that so that by the Jews rejecting Jesus right now for the time being it opened the door for the Gentiles to come in … God will one day lift the veil off the eyes of the Jews spiritually so they will see Jesus is the Messiah.”
  • The NRA really needs to chill out a bit.
  • Finally, Matt Barber defends Lisa Miller for fleeing the country with her daughter in order to protect her from a “court-ordered kidnapping.”