Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 4/5/17

  • Gordon Klingenschmitt is bizarrely claiming victory in North Carolina: “After my Saturday email listing the phone number for NCAA President Mark Emmert, many of YOU made a phone call to him at 317-917-6222 and you said these words: ‘We are so disappointed with your political bullying in North Carolina.  God will hold you accountable for violating the safety of women and girls privacy in public restrooms.’ Well, good news. Today the NCAA dropped their threat to boycott North Carolina over their continues [sic] state-wide ban (which now expires in 2020) of co-ed bathrooms.”
  • Linda Harvey has a dream: “How much safer would Americans be without homosexual activism? It would be wonderful to find out.”
  • Who wants to watch a “reality game show that proclaims God’s Word! Starring Kirk Cameron, with co-hosts The Benham brothers”?
  • What a surprise that President Trump would offer his support to Bill O’Reilly amid the latter’s growing sexual harassment scandal.
  • Finally, this is just another reminder that David Barton is not going to stop saying something just because it is demonstrably false.