Right Wing Bonus Tracks: It’s All Factual

  • Rodney Howard-Browne says that if anyone doesn’t believe his conspiracy theory that there is a globalist plot to “control the planet through the private central banks,” they have to prove him wrong: “You can’t, because it’s all factual.”
  • Jerry Falwell Jr. rails against the media because “our Christian university has long been a subject of partisan attacks from the mainstream news media.”
  • No, Rafael Cruz, John Milton did not write in “Paradise Lost” that “men live lives of quiet desperation.” It was Henry David Thoreau who wrote that nearly two centuries later.
  • Mike Spaulding warns that “the enemies of America such as the Obamas, Bidens, Pelosi, Schumer, numerous Hollywood stars, the CIA controlled media … want to wrest control of the government from the hands of sane people who still believe ‘we the people’ can govern ourselves, and deliver it to a cadre of technocrats that will tell us what is best.”
  • Finally, Republican congressional hopeful Kat Cammack tells Ann Vandersteel that she is not familiar with QAnon, but she is willing to check it out.