Right Wing Bonus Tracks: If Christians Can Honor MLK, They Can Vote For Roy Moore

  • Robert Gagnon argues that Christians who support Roy Moore are no more hypocritical than Christians who honor Martin Luther King Jr.
  • The Family Research Council warns that “the political Left is the real threat, slowly wrapping its tentacles around powerful pockets of the media, business community, our schools, and sports.”
  • Liberty Counsel is looking back on 2017 and praising itself for its efforts in a case that turned out to be totally bogus.
  • Trump attorney Jay Sekulow is calling for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the FBI and Department of Justice.
  • Finally, David Lane is very upset with President George W. Bush for “equating Jehovah and false god Allah as the same God” and with “Laura Bush’s deceit and hypocrisy from 2000-2008—keeping quiet through two presidential campaigns so her husband could be elected and reelected while misrepresenting her position on same-sex marriage and abortion.”