Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 5/23/17

  • David Lane declares that “pastors and pews have no choice but to engage the public square if America is to survive. The rules and objectivity that once guided American journalism no longer apply. The media is sleazy. The secular left has decided that since they couldn’t win the election through the ballot box, they will win it in the streets instead. Their current actions mimic many third-world banana republics. The secular media must be dealt with.”
  • “I do not actually advocate machine-gunning crowds of journalists,” Lee Duigon asserts. So that is nice.
  • Poor Joe Arpaio seems to be at a loss ever since being voted out of office.
  • Anti-LGBTQ activist Greg Quinlan proudly admitsI use the term ‘homofacism’, which I do, [because] it threatens liberty, and [I also support] anti-homosexual legislation. Now this is all true. These are things I’ve absolutely said and I take credit for it. And I have to say I’m honored to be hated by those who hate for a living.”
  • Finally, Liberty Counsel continues to wage an anti-gay crusade against a Florida high school teacher despite the fact that its complaints were already found to be without merit.