Right Wing Bonus Tracks: I Want My MRTV

  • CBN’s David Brody reports that President Trump will be hosting a “huge state-like dinner tonight at the White House” tonight for approximately 100 Religious Right activists and evangelical leaders.
  • Anti-LGBTQ activist and current Republican candidate for governor Scott Lively declares that the people of Massachusetts “are living under a socialist, totalitarian system.”
  • End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles fumes that neither Bill or Hillary Clinton are in prison despite the supposed fact that they have left “a trail of corpses” in their wake.
  • Televangelist Pat Robertson, who spent eight years relentlessly attacking President Obama, now says that “this country needs to get behind its president; we only have one.”
  • Finally, anti-LGBTQ organization MassResistance has unveiled “MassResistance TV,” which, for some reason, features clips of host Robert Oscar Lopez dancing between segments.