Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Google Hates Whitey

  • Wendy Rogers asks a question: “Who has done the most damage to this country? Putin or Soros?”
  • Right-wing pastor Marty Grisham claims that he saw a “force field” emerge from “the throne of Satan” and cover the Earth in order to convince Christians “not to get into politics and government.”
  • Leigh Dundas, one of the main organizers of the trucker’s convoy that is currently circling Washington, D.C., recounts how big money donors tried to sideline her because she is unhinged, so she accused them of treason.
  • Patrick Howley sees anti-white racism everywhere: “No Google Doodle for St. Patrick’s Day because the system hates Whitey.”
  • Finally, Lauren Witzke declares that we should bring back arranged marriages while interviewing far-right streamer Jared Noble (aka “Woozuh”) who believes that “women are currency to be bartered and traded.”