Right Wing Bonus Tracks: God’s Anointed

  • North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson attacks Greg Epstein, the new president of Harvard’s chaplain organization, for being an atheist: “He has no wisdom. His wisdom won’t begin until he falls down on his knees, repents for his sins, and asks Jesus Christ to come into his heart.”
  • Having had its lawsuit alleging that the Southern Poverty Law Center defamed D. James Kennedy Ministries by calling it a hate group and getting the organization booted from Amazon’s “Smile” charity program repeatedly dismissed, DJKM’s Frank Wright claims they have the SPLC “exactly where we want them.”
  • Eric Metaxas praised radical MAGA pastor Greg Locke for being “heroic and bold,” saying that people are hungering for leaders like him, which is “why Islam is growing in prisons.” Presumably, he intended that as a compliment.
  • Radical right-wing pastor Tony Spell misrepresents the book of 2 Peter to insist that Christians have no right to criticize him in his capacity as “God’s anointed.”
  • Finally, Kent Christmas says that “suicide amongst the homosexuality community” is prevalent “because of the guilt.” “They know that it’s not right, but they are bound and they hate doing it.”