Right Wing Bonus Tracks: God of the Impossible

  • Right-wing pastor Mark Burns claims that he has been called by God to “show the world that [President Trump] is not a racist.”
  • At a speaking event last weekend, Kat Kerr led the congregation in declaring that Trump will win the 2020 election by a landslide.
  • Don Boys continues his anti-gay crusade against Pete Buttigieg: “He needs to inform us how his abnormal lifestyle may affect our nation if he is elected … Since homosexuals live shorter lives because of illegal drugs, abusive sexual practices, etc., will Pete assure the voters that he will not participate in any sexual practice that might limit his ability to serve his term if elected?”
  • David Lane warns that “the goal of militant LGBT drumbeaters is unquestionably political, with their behavior representing acts of rebellion against a sovereign God, leading to anarchy. Electing and passing into law homosexual ‘values’ is their primary objective, in order to impose them on public and private education, the government and America’s churches.”
  • Finally, after being humiliatingly disavowed by the Trump campaign earlier this year, Ann Vandersteel is now billing herself as a “proud member of the Trump Team 2020 Fl Media Advisory Board.”