Right Wing Bonus Tracks: God Doesn’t Want You To Watch Game Of Thrones

  • It appears as if there is a coordinated campaign from anti-LGBTQ Religious Right organizations to fight back against outlets that identify them as SPLC designated hate groups.
  • David Barton explains that President Trump can be impeached for anything that Congress considers to be bad behavior: “Anything that Donald Trump does that 51 percent of the House thinks is bad for him to have done, yeah, they can do an impeachment for him.”
  • Something to think about from Jim Denison: “Would you want your parents to watch you as you watch the nudity and violence depicted on ‘Game of Thrones’? Your heavenly Father sees all that you see.”
  • FRC’s Tony Perkins is “calling the nation to prayer and reconciliation.”
  • Finally, it looks like the English soccer team SunderLand AFC is not too pleased that Dave Daubenmire has been using their stadium as the backdrop for his unrelenting bigotry.