Right Wing Bonus Tracks: From the Nazi Fringe

  • Christian nationalist pseudo-historian David Barton was at the Texas state capitol Tuesday night, where he delivered a presentation to “pastors and ministry leaders from around the state.
  • Stew Peters declares that “Michelle Obama will most likely be the democrat presidential nominee in 2024” even though “we all know she’s a fraud, mostly due to her masquerading as a woman while having a penis.”
  • Ali Alexander says that “Blacks and gays are destroying the country through the Democrat party.”
  • Kent Christmas continues to insist that “in the eyes of the court of Heaven, Donald J. Trump is still the President of the United States.”
  • Finally, white nationalist Vincent James is thrilled to hear right-wing commentators like Matt Walsh spreading their message: “Five years ago when we were talking about stuff like this, we were considered total fringe and Nazis.”