Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Every Woman’s Dream

  • Sen. Ron Johnson hosted a panel discussion today on COVID-19 in which “a group of world renowned doctors and medical experts [provided] a different perspective on the global pandemic response.” Among the “experts” on hand was radical anti-vax activist Leah Dundas whose expertise primarily consists of delivering speeches in which she screams that vaccines are “genocide” akin to the Holocaust.
  • It appears as if former SNL cast member Jim Breuer has now become a full-blown QAnon conspiracy theorist.
  • Rep. Paul Gosar is proudly defending “young conservative Christians like Nick Fuentes,” a white nationalist who said the N-word during a livestream just over a week ago.
  • Greg Locke says that children with autism actually suffer from demon possession.
  • Finally, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was interviewed by One America News alongside Kirk Cameron at the March for Life, where she proclaimed that “the greatest dream of any woman is motherhood.”