Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Corporate Communism

  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene complained that her “dear friend” Laura Loomer is a victim of “corporate communism” and “one of the most canceled people I’ve ever met in my life.”
  • Ron Ewart says that conservatives cannot afford to wait until 2022 to vote Democrats out of office because the United States will not survive that long: “Civil war is coming unless we defeat the socialist onslaught of America now. One way to combat this onslaught is to establish thousands of Constitutional zones all across America, patrolled by patriots where all outside government agents and law enforcement are repelled at the zone borders.”
  • Rick Wiles thinks that Sen. Mitch McConnell was using “Masonic hand signs” during the speech he delivered criticizing former President Donald Trump.
  • John Burton suspects that the nation is coming apart because “God may very well have sent a delusion to America.”
  • Finally, Robin Bullock declares that Trump is still president and that President Joe Biden “doesn’t exist”: “They all know he’s not real.”