Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Emotionally Devastating

  • Dave Daubenmire is planning to organize anti-mask protests around the nation: “It will require a group of 20 or more to simply walk into a business and REFUSE to put on a mask. Dare them to call the police. Let them arrest all 20 of you and then DEMAND a jury trial.”
  • Shane Idleman warns Christians to be wary of the COVID-19 vaccine or any other vaccine: “Is it wise to inject a virus directly into the bloodstream? Is vaccination truly about helping people or generating income? You be the judge.”
  • Michael Snyder says that if President Donald Trump fails to secure a second term in office, it will be “emotionally devastating” for Christian conservatives.
  • Jerome Corsi is confident that the Supreme Court will hand Trump a second term: “I’ve always said Trump would win at the Supreme Court. Look at this case it’s brilliantly written. And I think that who put this together for Texas did a first-rate job and they’re going to win.”
  • Jeff Jansen prophesies that not only will Trump get a second term, but that Barron Trump will one day be president: “And he is going to be, like his father, he is going to be one of the greatest presidents in these United States.”
  • Finally, Jesse Lee Peterson is not happy that several women were elected to Congress as Republicans: “They have weakened the party by putting all of these women in charge. The strength is not in the women; it’s in the men.”