Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Discerning Racists

  • Radical right-wing broadcaster Pete Santilli has repeatedly called on the military to round up and execute Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other Democratic officials, but that didn’t stop Trump campaign attorney Christina Bobb from appearing on Santilli’s show Tuesday.
  • If Isabella Riley Moody had to rank herself on how racist she is on scale of 1 to 10, she confidently declares that “I’m a 10.”
  • Milo Yiannopoulos laments that there is no movement today where “discerning racists” such as himself can find a home.
  • Brenden Dilley declares that the reason the “most of the powerful leaders in America and around the world” want to stop Trump from assuming the presidency again is “because he cracked down on their ability to fuck and traffick children from 2016-2020.”
  • Finally, Gene Bailey of “FlashPoint” got a chance to interview Trump recently and desperately tried to get Trump to talk about his personal faith but to no avail.