Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Directed and Led by God

  • Nick Fuentes will be holding a rally in West Palm Beach in July. As usual, he’s scheduled his event to coincide with a much larger conservative conference so he can piggyback off their audience.
  • Isabella Riley Moody “celebrated” Juneteenth by giving a watermelon to a Black person.
  • Stew Peters is racist and doesn’t understand how calendars work.
  • Virulent antisemite Jon Miller says that “a religious war” must be carried out to remove the “Judeo part” of the term Judeo-Christian: “That needs to be a war that we need to fight.”
  • Finally, Rep. Lauren Boebert claims that she is forcing a House vote on impeaching President Joe Biden because she is “directed and led” by “the spirit of God” in everything she does: “We are doing what is right, what is righteous. History will prove that.”