Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Digital Soldiers, Anons, A Revolution, A Rebirthing

  • Scott Lively claims that the wildfires in California and Oregon “are being set by Islamists and anarchists.”
  • James Dobson urges Christians to “vote for public servants who respect the sanctity of life at every stage, and who aren’t afraid to govern accordingly.”
  • John Hagee instructs his congregation not to vote “for any candidate that will not honor the United States’ military.” So, they can’t vote for President Donald Trump?
  • Ann Vandersteel used her program on 9/11 to praise “the digital soldiers, the anons, and new media who continue to dig up the truths, the unfathomable truths because we as Americans, as a nation, under God, indivisible, through a revolution, a rebirthing, all to save our sacred republic.”
  • Finally, Donald Trump Jr. sent Brenden Dilley an autographed copy of his new book, along with a personal note thanking him for his “support to #MAGA.”