Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Democrats Are ‘Almost Demonically Possessed’

  • Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman voices his continued support for Brett Kavanaugh: “President Trump is standing behind Judge Kavanaugh and that is good enough for me.”
  • Jesse Lee Peterson likewise stands with Kavanaugh: “The evil #MeToo movement unearthed a pro-abortion participant of the Dirty Women’s March— a liberal California psychology professor. This evil liar emerged from the gates of hell to accuse the judge of ‘attempted rape’ …This attack on Judge Kavanaugh is an attack on all men.”
  • Sylvia Thompson warns that there will be “hell to pay” if Senate Republicans do not confirm Kavanaugh: “Enough with the madness. Grow a spine, Republican men, and fight those despicable feminists and their latest pawn, Christine Blasey Ford.”
  • Butch Maltby says the opposition to Kavanaugh shows that Democrats are “almost demonically possessed.”
  • James Dobson is in a full panic over the upcoming midterm elections: “God help us if you and I fail to fulfill our moral responsibility … Do everything you can to influence this election. You can be sure that those whose views you oppose will be working just as hard. If you are AWOL in this battle, you and everything you stand for might slip away.”
  • Steve Strang reveals that he was granted a phone interview with Trump as part of his upcoming “Trump Aftershock” book.
  • Finally, Mark Taylor reveals that God sent a prophetic sign that Barack Obama will go to prison when a horse named after him had to be put down recently.