Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Culturally Appropriating Christmas

  • Johnny Enlow insists that he cannot be labeled a false prophet because he does not announce himself as a prophet, even though he totally is one.
  • Kent Christmas used his Sunday sermon to declare that “Hillary Clinton was a Jezebel and Bill Clinton was an Ahab.”
  • Liberty Counsel is becoming increasingly unhinged in its opposition to COVID-19 restrictions: “Please, give generously NOW, so that no American ever winds up howling like a monkey to alert others that the COVID guards are coming.”
  • Mario Murillo accuses the left of cultural appropriation over Christmas: “They appropriate Christmas; do not give credit to its source; and go even further, by mocking, blaspheming and even banning the phrase, ‘Merry Christmas.’ And meanwhile, they celebrate Christmas.”
  • Finally, Edward Szall and Lauren Witzke might be reading a bit too much into the name of our parent organization, People For the American Way.