Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Charity and Love

  • Steve Strang says that while George Soros is not the Antichrist, “it’s obvious he operates in the spirit of the Antichrist.”
  • Jerry Boykin thanks God for President Trump: “Just as God has raised up others during crisis times, I think He’s raised up Trump for such a time as this. We don’t have to like everything that he does or says, but I think we need to recognize that he was raised up for this time. He needs all the prayer support that we can give him.”
  • James Dobson, who has spent decades demonizing those who don’t share his radical right-wing views, now says that conservative Christians must show charity and love to their political opponents: “May we be careful with the way we speak and think and talk against those who are opposed to everything we believe. You have to maintain a spirit of charity and love, and God will bless us if we do.”
  • Mat Staver says that if Trump had been president and Mitch McConnell had been Senate Majority Leader in 1987, Robert Bork would have been confirmed to the Supreme Court … and he intended that as a compliment.
  • Finally, Rep. Louie Gohmert says that Trump may have to impose martial law along the southern border and warns that if it’ll be treason if California Gov. Jerry Brown objects.