Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Cancel Culture Children

  • Penny Nance​, in a tweet, shares a miniature bus emblazoned with Amy Coney Barrett’s face in what we can only assume is a strange show of support for the justice’s anti-choice beliefs ahead of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.
  • Prager U enjoys ​a namecheck by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who retweet​ed a Prager video in which Israel’s defense forces are declared to have “essential morality and decency”— which Netanyahu took as “the world’s most moral army”—in part because it claims Western values.
  • Zuhdi Jasser tells Candace Owens that Islamophobia “is a term that the Islamists concocted to prevent criticism of Islam. …  And yet they suffer from, what I think the Islamists do, which is Israeli-phobia.”
  • Mike Cernovich may have thought QAnon was one step too far, but by his account, his outlandish conspiracy theories about Chrissy Teigen are “at least highly plausible.”
  • Buzz Patterson has a question for Uber and Lyft: “If Uber and Lyft can donate rides to get your vaccinations, why can’t they do that on Election Day so we can get rid of mail in ballots?”
  • Concerned Women for America is very concerned about critical race theory and appears to be unclear about what the term actually means: “Let us fight racism and injustice wherever we find it. And in that spirit, we must resist this new racist CRT ideology.”
  • Finally, we are worried that Dave Rubin may have had his feelings hurt by our reporting of his social media platform Locals, judging by his use of turd emojis and ​declaration that we are “cancel culture children​.”