Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Blood and Meth

  • Alex Jones offered his “expert analysis” upon the completion of last night’s presidential debate: Joe Biden was pumped up on blood transfusions and meth.
  • Josh Bernstein proudly stands by his assertion that Rep. Ilhan Omar “should be executed”: “She should be arrested, and she should be tried, and she should be convicted, and whatever that outcome is, she deserves.”
  • On a related note, Bernstein also insists that every vote cast in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, which Omar represents, “should be disqualified”: “Every single person in that zip code and in that area should absolutely not have their vote count whatsoever.”
  • Mark Taylor asserts that the Senate should not even hold confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett: “Just take the vote.”
  • Finally, Michele Bachmann says COVID-19 was “an immediate judgment” of God on the U.S. for the Trump administration’s Middle East peace plan.