Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Better Than Any Rock Concert

  • Dave Daubenmire has a question: “How can any moral, sane, thinking person ever vote for a Demon Crat? Anyone over 30 and straight would have been ashamed to be seen with them. Republicans aren’t much better but at least they are smart enough to vote against the Demonically controlled opposition party.That is not a typo. They are Demonic. They love killing preborn babies. What could be more Devil-like than that?”
  • Alex McFarland is calling onChristian educators everywhere to courageously stand against the darkness of this hour and for the truth of God’s Word. Homosexuality is a sin. Trandgenderism is false. Abortion is murder.”
  • Austin Miles longs for the good old days: “The Democrat and Communist Party have pushed for the full visibility of the LGBTQ community. Back in the very early days, the people saw the occasional one that would be obvious, as ‘a queer’ or a ‘pervert.’ They pretty much stayed to themselves. There really were no problems.”
  • Paula White says that even if you are down to your last meal, God expects you to donate money to help Jim Bakker build his new TV studio. And know that if you don’t, your dreams will die.
  • Finally, Liz Crokin really enjoyed attending President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Dallas last night: “Every time this wonderful President walks on stage at a rally, I get tears in my eyes & my whole body is covered in goose bumps whether I’m watching it at home or physically at a rally. I highly encourage everyone to attend one if the opportunity presents itself. It’s better than any rock concert, and I’ve been to a lot, and the high energy & positive vibration is nothing like you will see anywhere else. God bless our POTUS!