Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Woman Has No Place on the Court

  • Scott Lively contends that “the ubiquitous ‘rainbow unicorns’ and similar rainbow imagery for children is a more recent example of intentional LGBT grooming of very young children.”
  • Wayne Grudem warns that “pastors and other Christian leaders might be prosecuted for hate speech if they dare to speak publicly against any aspect of the LGBT-plus agenda” if Joe Biden becomes president.
  • Ron Brock, a right-wing Christian activist notorious for driving his graphically anti-choice “Truth Truck” around the country, has died.
  • James Goll claims to have been told by God that Amy Coney Barrett would be nominated to the Supreme Court back in 2018.
  • Finally, Jesse Lee Peterson says President Donald Trump will regret nominating Barrett because “she’s no different than a liberal feminist” since she refuses to stay home and raise her husband’s children.