Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Disturbing Prophetic Dream

  • Jake MacAuly has a warning about the midterm elections: “This blue wave is sounding to me like a crime wave.”
  • Conservatives are raising money to “help Mark Judge rebuild his life.”
  • Steve Deace says that pragmatism is one of seven “deadly worldviews.”
  • This effort is sure to be a rousing success: “Several conservative comedians are taking their acts on the road for a national tour to bring the laughs and to help break the left’s “stranglehold” on entertainment and comedy. ‘The Deplorables Tour: We’re Funny Because We’re Right’ kicks off November 5 at the Houston Improv with more tour dates to follow.”
  • The Daily Caller fumes that CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta sent a vulgar tweet to someone who was mocking him.
  • The Federalist lectures Teen Vogue magazine on “politicizing fashion”: “While it’s easy (and let’s face it, kind of fun) to tear Teen Vogue’s pop Communism apart on the merits, the relentless politicization of all spaces in public and private life is exhausting and dangerous.”
  • Finally, one of Intercessors for America’s prayer warriors had an odd dream that apparently has prophetic significance: “In the dream, this intercessor began to clean out the trash in a corner of the room when she found a ‘slipper’ – a ‘house shoe.’ It was torn from top to bottom and smelled awful. When she looked inside, there was flesh still in it and it looked like someone pulled their foot out, leaving their flesh behind. There were maggots crawling all over it. ‘In disgust, I threw it down hurriedly and it flipped toward the feet of the President. I ran over and got it and threw it outside and away from him. During this entire ordeal, President Trump was sitting alone in that room reading a paper and did not seem to be affected by any of this.’ We ask you to pray into this as the Holy Spirit reveals God’s purposes.”