Steve Deace: Accusations Against Roy Moore Are An Attempt To ‘Nullify An Election’

Conservative radio host and activist Steve Deace told listeners yesterday that the allegations that Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore pursued sexual relationships with teenage girls when he was in his 30s were part of a GOP establishment scheme to “nullify an election.”

Deace began his analysis by issuing a disclaimer that new facts may have come to light in the time between recording the episode and airing the show later that day. Following this disclaimer, he proceeded to call accusations against Moore “some of the worse horsepucky kabuki theater” he had “ever witnessed.”

“This is an attempt to nullify an election. I want to make that very clear. I 100 percent believe that,” Deace said. “They don’t like who you nominated, people who run this party, and my best sources tell me that [Mitch] McConnell has done all of this, not the left. They always do things to us they wouldn’t do to the left.”

The establishment figures that Deace believes are behind the accusations against Moore, he told viewers, are “the reason I left the Republican Party.”