Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Deborah is Waiting in the Wings

  • Rick Joyner weighs in on the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh: “Sexual assault is a terrible thing, it is a terrible thing to be accused of, it is far more terrible to be falsely accused of.”
  • Carl Gallups is urging President Trump to open an investigation into Christine Blasey Ford and charge her and “her handlers” with perjury and witness tampering.
  • James Goll claims that he was “catapulted into a vision” in which he was told by God “that there would be another ‘tremor or shaking in the land’ resulting in yet another surprise that would transpire in the Supreme Court. I then heard, ‘I have a Deborah waiting in the wings. This Deborah will be appointed and will tip the scales towards constitutional justice.'”
  • White nationalist YouTuber J.F. Gariepy disrupted his usual talk show—in which he interviews other white nationalists—to play the piano: “Smooth fash. We’re making a new type of music. It’s smooth music played by fascists.”
  • Brittany Pettibone and her twin sister tackled the tough question on everyone’s mind: Can you have both video games and children?
  • Mark Taylor says that it is no coincidence that a hurricane formed right after Kavanaugh was confirmed.
  • Finally, “weather warrior” Kat Kerr is taking authority over Hurricane Michael and ordering it to diminish.