Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Cancer On The Church

  • Extremist right-wing sheriff David Clarke resigned from his position today.
  • Bryan Fischer’s understanding of the First Amendment remains as incoherent as ever.
  • Glenn Beck’s company continues to implode, as it laid off more than 20 percent of its staff today.
  • Jim Garlow shared a post on his Facebook page that proclaimed that “homosexualism is heresy (as is its kin Transgenderism). It is a cancer on the church.”
  • CBN continues to dutifully serve as a propaganda arm of the Trump administration.
  • Finally, Julio Severo has some thoughts on Hurricane Harvey: “If the destruction of Sodom over homosexuality was a sign of warning, could be the ‘destruction of Houston’ a sign of warning for America to repent from making sodomy nationally and internationally great? It could also be a sign for America to repent from selling arms to Islamic terrorists and from not caring about their Christian victims?”