Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 5/18/17

  • Franklin Graham urges parents to get their sons out of the Boy Scouts: “I would not want my child or grandchild to be influenced by the lifestyle of a gay Scout Leader that goes against God’s design for creation.”
  • Roger Ailes, the disgraced and ousted former head of Fox News, has died.
  • David Lane praises President Trump for his “lack of predictability” and the way it is “being used as an asset.”
  • James Dobson is on a mission to prevent young women from having to register for the Selective Service.
  • Finally, John Zmirak declares that Trump is under attack from demonic forces: “If you think (and you’d better) that your soul matters enough to Satan that he will bother to send you a tempter, just imagine the horde he dispatches to batter the president.”