Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 4/10/17

  • Matt Barber has some thoughts about National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day: “I hope that they will point out that it is the behavior that causes AIDS. That it’s aberrant sexual behavior – male on male homosexual behavior – that is the catalyst for this horrible disease, that it is something that can be prevented simply by not engaging in the behavior that causes it.”
  • The Thomas Moore Society will be hosting a national “Help David Defeat Goliath” webcast tomorrow featuring David Daleiden.
  • Rick Joyner says that Russia will experience a Christian revival and then “they’re going to do democracy maybe better than we’re doing it.”
  • In his first ten weeks in office, President Trump has spent more on travel than President Obama spent in his first two years.
  • Finally, Lance Wallnau declares that Trump is a prophet: “In the case of President Trump, I believe he perceives things before they happen and gets caught in an apparent contradiction – until the thing is manifest.