Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 3/23/15

  • Ted Cruz personally called Glenn Beck on Friday night to let him know that he was going to announce his bid for the presidency and then called into Beck’s radio show today immediately following the announcement. So that

    tells you everything that you need to know about Ted Cruz.

  • Bryan Fischer says that by making his

    announcement at Liberty University, Cruz has “openly embraced evangelicals in a way we have not seen since the days of Ronald


  • John Hagee has responded to allegations by WND that he stole the idea for his “four blood moon” book by demanding a

    retraction of WND’s article.

  • Larry Tomczak begs Ben Carson not to back down from making anti-gay


  • Finally, BarbWire once again posts a piece written by a viciously anti-gay

    activist who supports putting

    gays to death.