Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 2/9/17

  • Larry Klayman says that CNN’s Jake Tapper is a “whore” and vows to sue the network “with a vengeance.”
  • Julio Severo seems oddly obsessed with being mentioned here on Right Wing Watch.
  • Scott Lively continues his crusade against Milo Yiannopoulous: “Consider just how awful it must be to live in Milo Yiannopoulos’s world, condemned not only to an ugly and dangerous lifestyle of extreme self-debasement, but compelled by his demons to parade his shame publicly and aggressively: a walking mockery of the God who made him.”
  • Erik Rush declares that “progressives must be ruthlessly crushed, regardless of party affiliation.”
  • Finally, Theodore Shoebat has released an 858-page book titled “Christianity is at War: The Manifesto for Christian Militancy.”