Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 2/13/17

  • Peter LaBarbera has a dream: “Please, God, Make America Straight Again!”
  • Michael Snyder asserts that “Barack Obama is guiding and directing [anti-Trump protests] from his brand-new compound less than two miles from the White House.”
  • Janet Porter claims that “seven out of ten Americans, 69 percent, agree with the premise of the federal Heartbeat Bill.”
  • MassResistance is out with a new book, “The Health Hazards of Homosexuality.”
  • Finally, some key insights from Jesse Lee Peterson: “The left hates God, and it hates real men who display Godly authority. For leftist males, the contrast between President Trump’s strength and their weakness is just too painful. For leftist females, the president represents the masculine force that limits their irrational excesses, such as their hell-bent desire to kill unborn children.”