Janet Porter Says Rep. Steve King Is Set To Introduce A Federal Version Of Her Heartbeat Bill

On Monday night, “respected prophet” Cindy Jacobs hosted a conference call with Religious Right activist Janet Porter of Faith 2 Action on the importance of Christian conservatives voting for Donald Trump in the upcoming election. While most of Porter’s remarks focused on her standard warnings that Christianity will be criminalized and Christians imprisoned if Hillary Clinton is elected, she did reveal that Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa has agreed to introduce a federal version of her “Heartbeat Bill,” which she has been unsuccessfully working to pass in her home state of Ohio for several years.

Since 2011, Porter has been pressing the legislature in Ohio to pass her “Heartbeat Bill,” which would make it illegal to perform an abortion if a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which “can be as early as six weeks into pregnancy, sometimes before the woman knows she’s pregnant.”

Though she has been unable to get the bill passed in Ohio, Porter has not given up the fight and reported that when she recently attended Phyllis Schlafly’s funeral, she was able to speak with King and convince him to introduce a federal version of her bill.

“I gave him a packet and he has agreed to introduce a federal Heartbeat Bill, which would protect every baby whose heartbeat can be detected,” Porter said. “That will actually end abortion in nearly every case. Ninety to 95 percent of the abortions will be ended with that bill.”

Porter went on to report that she met with Indiana Republican Gov. Mike Pence, who is currently Trump’s running mate, a few weeks ago and alerted him to the news that King is planning to introduce this bill that will all but outlaw abortion and, she said, “he seemed very agreeable to that.”