Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 12/21/16

  • The AFA wants National Geographic to “publicly apologize” for “exploiting children to further a social agenda which is transgenderism, homosexuality and all other sexual deviancy” by featuring a transgender child on the cover of its magazine.
  • Jake MacAulay says that “the birth of Jesus Christ is the most significant political event in the history of the universe … because liberty does not and cannot exist absent the acknowledgement of the Almighty, Omniscient, Living and Everlasting God of the Bible whose Son is Jesus Christ.”
  • A warning from Theodore Shoebat: “Martin Luther gave birth to Nazi ideology, and Nazism is going to return again with Luther as its prophet. Catholic Christendom will rise again and destroy the demonic religion of Luther.”
  • Don Boys solves the issue of reparations: “Every living slaveholder should go to prison for life and every living slave should receive one million dollars.”
  • Finally, Tom Tancredo warns Donald Trump to be prepared for the possibility that Republicans who favor immigration reform might try to impeach him if he tries to implement his extreme anti-immigration agenda.