Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 11/1/16

  • Richard Land says that “Hillary Clinton is the Richard Nixon of our time” and “if she is elected Nov. 8th, that cancer will continue to grow and metastasize for the duration of her presidency, however, long or brief it may prove to be.”
  • Dennis Prager insists that “the notion that Hillary Clinton is a role model for young American women is yet another testimony to the moral decline of America – not to mention to the moral state of the American left and the Democratic Party.”
  • James Dobson issues a dire plea: “This election could represent a point of no return for many of the issues Americans hold dear. As Christians, we cannot and must not leave the future of our country to chance. I beg you, the American voter, to go to the polls on November 8th and make your voice heard. The fate of the country depends on it.”
  • A thought experiment from Mario Murillo: “Say you wanted to craft the quintessential anti-Christian candidate. Monger a politician that is the most anti-Bible, anti-church, anti-Israel, anti-God human being on the planet: Thy name is Hillary Clinton.”
  • FRC fumes that “Americans have watched an almost eight-year parade of LGBT activism from the rainbow flags at U.S. embassies to global bullying on homosexuality. During her time in the administration, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the Grand Marshall of the celebration, declaring to the world that ‘gay rights are human rights.'”
  • Finally, Todd Starnes seems to think that Christians should be exempt from having their items searched by the TSA.