Right Wing Anti-Hate Crimes Protest Picks Up More Support

It looks like the fringe right-wing press conference to challenge hate crimes legislation keeps picking up more support, as Rick Scarborough went on Janet Porter’s radio program yesterday to discuss it and Porter pledged to join them in standing outside of the Department of Justice as they seek to get arrested for preaching the Bible. 

According to the program, Porter, Scarborough and the others will also be joined by Matt Barber and Gordon Klingenschmitt (as well as Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance.)

In the audio clip below, Scarborough explains that he was the one who initiated this plan to challenge the recent expansion of hate crimes laws to cover sexual orientation was , saying they seek to “force the hand of the Department of Justice” by defying this law, which is “designed to silence preachers from preaching what the Bible says about homosexuality.” As such they are going to challenge the DOJ to arrest them, though Scarborough admits that he doesn’t expect to be arrested on Monday … instead, he expects to be arrested “in the dead of night,” hauled away when nobody is around to see.

Scarborough explains that the effort is urgent because they need to challenge this law in the courts and get the case before the Supreme Court which, Scarborough says, has a majority that will side with them … but they can’t do that unless they get arrested first: