Rick Wiles: ‘Every Christian Should Disavow Alex Jones’

Rick Wiles is an End Times broadcaster and a truly unhinged right-wing conspiracy theorist who believes, among other things, that the Las Vegas massacre was carried out a top secret death squad that answers to the secret “a gay/lesbian Nazi regime” that controls America.

One would think that someone holding such views would be a fan of another equally unhinged right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, but apparently that is not the case, as Wiles used his “TruNews” television program on Tuesday to insist that “every Christian should disavow Alex Jones” because he is “mentally unstable” and/or demon-possessed.

Wiles was alarmed by a video of Jones going off on a snarling rant against CNN’s Brian Stelter earlier this year and warned that Jones is either demon-possessed or else a deep state “plant” designed to give the government justification to strip conservatives of their First and Second Amendment rights by making them all look insane.

“You need to be shocked by what this guy is saying and doing,” Wiles said. “Every Christian should disavow Alex Jones. You should disavow him until he repents and, quite frankly, until he is delivered.”

“That is the behavior of someone who is mentally unstable, boarding on lunacy,” Wiles said after playing the clip of Jones’ attack on Stelter. “Honestly, if I was in a room with somebody acting like that, I would be casting out devils. I would be binding the devil and using the name of Jesus and the blood of Christ to bind those devils that are coming out of that man’s mouth.”

“If Alex is not an actor, if he’s not a plant, then he is seriously mentally ill,” Wiles added. “He needs help. He should shut down his program, he should get mental help, he should get spiritual help. If that is truly him, he needs to be some place where he’s receiving spiritual and psychiatric assistance and counseling, because that behavior is the sign of somebody losing their mind.”