Rick Wiles: Democrats and Russia Worked Together to Take Down the NRA

On his “TruNews” program last night, End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles unfurled a new conspiracy theory based on the notion that left wing activists and Russia have been working together to take down the NRA from the inside in order to eventually destroy America.

After spending a good portion of last night’s show discussing reports that Russia may have illegally funneled money to the NRA to be used to bolster Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016, Wiles concluded that if this turns out to be true, it might have been a massive conspiracy on the part of Democrats and Russia to foment civil war in the United States.

“What if the Russians are working with the leftist Democrats and the news media in this country—who hate conservatives, who hate gun-owners, who hate Christians, who hate everything the old America stood for, Wiles asked, “to bring about a collapse of our society and a civil war?”

Wiles suggested that Russia may have funneled funds through the NRA in order to “compromise” the group and “then use [its] allies in America to investigate them and accuse them and prosecute them.”

“Before you know it, you have chaos in society,” Wiles said. “You have NRA patriots being accused of being Russian agents and they’re being accused by far-left communists … because they plotted together.”

“Consider the possibility that this conspiracy is far deeper than anything we can comprehend,” Wiles marveled.