Rick Wiles: ‘Conservative Patriots’ Will Violently Wipe Out Democrats Who Oppose Trump’s Border Wall

On Friday’s episode of “TruNews,” End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles warned that any effort by Democrats or liberal activists to oppose President Trump’s plan to build a southern border wall will result in the military rounding them up as subversives and wiping them out.

“The military is made up of Americans from the heartland of the country,” Wiles said. “They are going to back him. They know that he’s building the wall for the protection of the country. They’re going to back him. And the Democrats, and the leftists, and the deep state, they going to be—pardon the pun—they’re going to have their backs to the wall.”

Wiles and his co-hosts said that if Trump declares a national emergency in order to build his border wall and Democrats respond by resisting or engaging in civil disobedience, “they could be rounded up as subversives.”

“They’d better wise up and stop what they’re doing because they’re pushing the republic to the brink of breaking,” Wiles warned. “They’d better count the cost. What happens if you push the country that far? You snap the bonds that hold this country together [and] you might be shocked at the reaction you get because there is a lot of fury built up inside millions of Americas who are just fed up with what the left is doing.”

Wiles predicted that if Trump declares a national emergency, left-wing activists will take to the streets and “start attacking conservatives” because “the Democrats are not mentally stable.” If that happens, Wiles warned that millions of “conservative patriots” will rise up in response and wipe out the Democrats entirely.

“It’s going to be lights out for the Democrats and the leftists,” he said. “The conservative patriots will slam your slimy butts against the wall that you hate. It’s going to happen. They are not going to tolerate it. The American people want law and order in this country and the Democrats are a party of rebellion, of lawlessness. They better count the cost before they do something crazy because there’s a limit to how much patience the American people are going to show them.”