Rick Wiles: ‘America Smells Like Putrid Vomit In The Nostrils Of The Lord’

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles declared on his “TruNews” program yesterday that “America smells like putrid vomit in the nostrils of the Lord” and warned that we will lose any war that we start with Russia because Russia “is acting more Christian than us.”

Wiles, who has been a vocal supporter of Vladimir Putin and Russia for years because “the people in control of America today are Satanists” while “Almighty God is on the side of Putin and the Russians,” insisted that the mysterious poisoning of a former Russian spy in the U.K. was really a false flag operation designed to pin the blame for the assassination attempt on Russia and justify starting a nuclear war.

Reading a passage from Ezekiel in which God vowed to unleash his wrath on Israel for its sins, Wiles declared that the same message applies to America today.

“America, you’re lewd,” Wiles said. “You’re filthy in the eyes of the Lord. You think you’re great and mighty, but you’re lewd, you’re filthy, you’re dirty. Your sins stink to heaven. America smells like putrid vomit in the nostrils of the Lord right now, so you had better be careful about saying, ‘Oh, we’re going to have a war, we’re going to beat Russia.’ You better be very careful, because the Lord may be on Russia’s side in this war.”

“They’re acting more Christian than us,” he added. “This nation has embraced homosexuality, lewdness, pornography, every vile thing, paganism, the gods of the East, we’ve embraced it in this country and the church just accommodates it.”