Rick Wiles: Protests In Russia Are A Western ‘Intelligence Operation’ Designed To Justify An Invasion

On his “Trunews” program yesterday, End Times radio host and crackpot conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles defended the Russian government’s crackdown on anti-corruption protests, claiming that the protests were orchestrated by the CIA, the U.K.’s MI6 and the Israeli Mossad. These intelligence agencies are trying to destabilize Russia, according to Wiles, in order to justify a Western invasion of the nation.

Reiterating his belief that Barack Obama is currently in hiding to avoid being arrested for “sedition,” Wiles declared that the “deep state” is in shambles and trying to maintain its control by sowing chaos around the world. He said that the CIA, MI6 and Mossad fomented the protests in Russia in hopes of creating a civil war, which will provide justification for Western nations to invade the country (oddly, this new prediction seems to contradict his previous assertions that Russia would invade America as God’s punishment for the legalization of gay marriage).

Wiles, a vocal supporter of Vladimir Putin, said that Obama and Hillary Clinton are using George Soros’ network of organizations to “engender a Russian Spring” in order to destabilize the nation.

“In recent days, Russia has been the target of civil unrest,” he said. “Imagine that. All of a sudden, anti-Putin protesters are springing up in so-called spontaneous protest throughout Russia. And, of course, the Russian police cracked down on them over the weekend and now the news media in the West is saying this is proof that Putin is a thug; people were protesting his corrupt, murderous regime and Putin sent the goons out there to bust head and lock them up.”

“I don’t know if that’s really what is going on in Russia,” Wiles continued. “I’m not going to believe anything CNN or the BBC reports about Russia. Are you going to believe the New York Times? You can’t believe anything that they say … My gut tells me this is [a] CIA, MI6, Israeli Mossad intelligence operation … They are trying to destabilize Russia so that the country will break out in mass protests, eventually civil war. If they can get a civil war going in Russia, if they can get a revolution going in Russia, then either Vladimir Putin falls or that’s the time for the West to strike and invade Russia.”