Rick Joyner: Obama Holdovers Are Committing Treason Against Trump To Cover Up Their Crimes

Right-wing preacher Rick Joyner posted a video on his Facebook page over the weekend in which alleged that people inside the government left over from the Obama administration are committing treason and sedition against President Trump in order to try and bring him down before he can uncover the shockingly illegal things they did under Obama.

Reiterating his claim that the Obama administration used billions of tax dollars to create a “slush fund” to bankroll the media and liberal organizations, Joyner declared that Obama supporters in the government “are trying to do all the damage they can before they’re removed” and are even somehow preventing the Senate from confirming Trump’s appointees because “the longer they can delay, the more damage that can be done on the inside.”

“Now that’s an attack on us,” Joyner said. “That’s an attack on every American, Democratic or Republican. They’re attacking our government and some of it, if it’s not treason, it’s at the very least sedition. I mean, these are people who are fighting their own commander in chief … You rebel against him, you’re rebelling against the nation.”

“This extreme desperation is evidence that we’re gonna find some stuff that was done by the last administration that’s gonna shock the daylights out of us,” he predicted. “There’s no telling what all we’re going to find. I’m just saying. Those are my feelings and a lot of times, they turn out to be accurate.”