Rick Joyner Says That Charlotte’s ‘Lesbian Mayor And Her LGBT Agenda’ Nearly ‘Wrecked The State’

Right-wing pastor Rick Joyner posted a video on his Facebook page today in which he blamed conservative Christians for not being more involved in politics and allowing “the lesbian mayor” of Charlotte, North Carolina, to nearly “wreck the state.”

“We still have to get engaged as Christians,” he said. “You’ve heard about all the trouble that has come upon Charlotte, North Carolina, because of the lesbian mayor and her LGBT agenda that just about wrecked the city, wrecked the state; all these troubles happened because less than 10 percent of the voters turned out to vote for that mayoral election.”

“Charlotte is pretty conservative,” Joyner continued. “I mean, there is no way she would have won if just a tiny fraction of the Christians had mobilized and voted in that election and [now] we’re suffering many things in the world that are unnecessary.”

For what it is worth, Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts is not a lesbian.

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