Rick Joyner Recounts The Eight Hour Visit He Made To Heaven

Right-wing pastor Rick Joyner posted a video on his Facebook page yesterday that featured a message in which he described the time he visited heaven for eight hours back in 2014.

As Joyner recounted to students attending his MorningStar University, he was once “so physically sick” that he was convinced that he had “Ebola plus the bird flu” and was utterly unable to get out of bed. During that illness, he went to sleep one night and “went straight to heaven.”

“I had an eight hour earth-time experience in heaven,” he said. “I’ve had experiences where I was caught up to heaven a number of times and every time, I’m in a different place. I’ll tell you, heaven is so unbelievably diverse. There are more species in heaven than there are species upon the earth, spiritual species. You get a taste of it as you read the Scriptures and all the different beings and everything that there are; angels are just one little group in heaven.”

Joyner said that while every trip he has taken to heaven has been absolutely “mind-boggling,” on this particular trip he visited “the best part of heaven I’ve been in yet. It was way better than any I had experienced before.”

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