Rick Joyner: Media Targeting Sessions Because He Uncovered DOJ ‘Slush Fund’ That Funneled Millions To News Outlets

Right-wing pastor Rick Joyner posted a video on his Facebook page today in which he alleged that the media is out to destroy Attorney General Jeff Sessions because Sessions supposedly discovered that the Department of Justice under President Obama set up a “slush fund” through which it funneled hundred of millions of dollars from the 2009 stimulus package to media outlets and liberal organizations.

After spending a good portion of the video criticizing people who speak out on issues without having all the information or knowing what they are talking about, Joyner then turned around and made this claim without providing a hint of evidence.

“I saw the evidence of this a while back,” Joyner stated. “Stimulus money kept the New York Times and other newspapers open. You wait and see if that isn’t found out. Why would they pile on Jeff Sessions all of a sudden? Because he found a slush fund in the Department of Justice, sounds like hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money were given to these special interests, all of them very left-wing, liberal interests, by the previous administration’s Department of Justice.”

“This is seriously illegal,” Joyner continued. “Of course, Jeff Sessions, they’re going to attack him and go all out because he’s going after all that kind of illegal activity. And it looks like they’re just going to do everything they can to kind of hurt Jeff Sessions, but it’s not going to hurt him; as a matter of fact, it’s going to make what he finds, it’s going to make all those who started screaming, ‘wolf’ again look much worse, much more guilty.”

Joyner credited the Holy Spirit for exposing the existence of this alleged slush fund, adding that “this could be so big, so bad, so illegal [that] already everybody who has even seen a hint of it is says, ‘Somebody has got to go to prison for this.'”

Joyner declared that lots of bad people did lots of really bad things during the Obama administration and they know that Sessions is about to expose them “and that’s why they want to get him out of there as fast as they can.”