Rick Joyner: It Is Trump’s ‘Destiny’ To Subdue Ungodly Nations To Allow For The Spreading Of Christianity

In a video posted on his Facebook page yesterday, right-wing pastor Rick Joyner echoed Lance Wallnau’s proclamation that President Trump has been anointed by God to subdue ungodly nations, adding that God is orchestrating this in order to bring about a period of unprecedented world peace in which people all over the world can come to Christ.

After Trump deals with North Korea, Joyner said that he will “turn his attention to fixing things with Russia and we have the potential for maybe the greatest world stability in our lifetime.”

Citing Wallnau’s prophecy, Joyner said that God is not going to use Trump to conquer other nations but “the belligerence that is rising up from the countries like Iran, like North Korea, like ISIS, I believe it is his destiny to subdue them. He’s going to.”

Joyner said that “something is going on that could really be special and we don’t want to miss the opportunity for harvest” that God is providing with this period of global stability so that Christians can spread the Gospel all around the world.