Rich Higgins: NFL Protests Prove Racial Justice Activists Are Collaborating With Jihadi Groups

Rich Higgins speaks with the Daily Caller News Foundation. (Screenshot/

Rich Higgins, a former National Security Council staffer under President Donald Trump, told the listeners of a Religious Right radio show that national anthem protests in the National Football League are proof that “the left and the jihadi groups” are working together to undermine American patriotism.

Earlier this year, Higgins was fired for circulating a bizarre memo alleging a conspiracy was underway by global forces—including radical Islamists—to derail President Donald Trump’s agenda using Maoist tactics. This morning, he spoke with Religious Right radio host Sandy Rios and tied in recent NFL protests to this conspiracy.

Higgins alleged that racial justice activists actively collaborate with militant Islamic groups to subvert America with communist tactics.

“An example of that is this recent NFL thing,” Higgins said, “where we see Black Lives Matter groups working with CAIR groups, Hamas, here playing out right in front our face.”

“I’m afraid that the Marxists, cultural Marxists, postmodernist, multiculturalist stuff, where the willingness to stand up for America and to be patriotic is now being cast as nationalist, white nationalist, racist—these are classic terms we’ve seen from the left, going back 100 years now,” Higgins said.

“It’s a classic communist-Marxist tactic and we see it played out today and the jihadi groups are more than willing to slip in behind them and help push that narrative forward,” Higgins said.